Additional sites

Sweden ACTRIS Sweden is actively collaborating with ICOS Sweden. Co-location of measurement sites are needed due to financial constraints, but more importantly also from a purely scientific point of view. An example of a very successful co-located ICOS-ACTRIS site is the Finnish SMEAR II station in Hyytiälä, which has resulted in hundreds of scientific publications, (more than 100 only in 2016). Many of the publications report highly interdiscplinary research and several are published in high-impact journals.

The ACTRIS Sweden station network will initially consist of the co-location at the two ICOS Sweden combined atmosphere and ecosystem stations at Hyltemossa and Norunda. In addition, ACTRIS operations will continue and be extended at Zeppelin, Svalbard.

Future extensions of the ACTRIS Sweden station network will strive for co-location at other existing stations in the ICOS Sweden and SITES station networks:

ICOS Sweden Network

SITES Field Research Stations


Additional potential ACTRIS Sweden stations include:

Svartberget, being the third ICOS Sweden combined atmosphere and ecosystem station and part also of the SITES station networks, is a likely candidate for a future ACTRIS Sweden network extension.

Abisko-Stordalen (ICOS Sweden, sub-Arctic, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat)

Östergarnsholm (ICOS Sweden, oceanic, Uppsala University)

Skogaryd (SITES, hemiboreal, Gothenburg University)