ACTRIS sites in Sweden

Currently operating ACTRIS Sweden sites

Starting 2017, the two ACTRIS sites in Sweden (Vavihill and Aspvreten, see below) moved their ACTRIS operations to co-locate with ICOS Sweden at Hyltemossa and Norunda. All ACTRIS data are reported to the EBAS database, where it is freely accessible.

Hyltemossa (location: 56° 5' 52" N, 13°25' 8" E, 115 m asl, southern Sweden, 18.5 km ENE of previous ACTRIS site Vavihill)

Norunda (location: 60°05′N, 17°29′E, 30 km north of Uppsala)


ACTRIS activities are also performed by Stockholm University, an ACTRIS Sweden partner, at the 

Zeppelin Mountain research station, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard (location: 78°54' N, 11°53' E, 475 m asl, west coast of Svalbard)


A description of these and other potential ACTRIS Sweden sites are found in the drop menu.


Previous ACTRIS sites

Until 2017, the two sites in Sweden that carry out ACTRIS observations are Vavihill in southern Sweden and Aspvreten south of Stockholm. Both are part of the EMEP station network and report data to the EBAS database, where it is freely accessible.


Vavihill (56° 01´N, 13° 09´ E, 172 m asl, start of aerosol observations in 1999, closed 2017)

Aspvreten (58° 48´ N, 17° 23´E, 30 m asl, operated since 1984, closed 2017)